Tilley Hall - Room 124

The Campus Converations event surrounding UNBF classrooms certainly identified this room as one that needed to be renovated.  With much success with it's sibling room on the 3rd floor of Tilley, this room was renovated and modeled after Tilley 304 that was renovated in 2013.  Sporting double-row tiers, this room works around it's constraints to still allow for discussion and collaboration.  Comfortable seating, plenty of desk space, and power outlets for each student truly make this classroom and effective teaching space.

tilley 124 after 1

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Each teir has two rows of seating to allow students to turn around and engage in group discussion.
  • Wireless presentation technologies allow instructors and students to wirelessly collaborate with the digital projector system.

Promote Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Large center isle allows instructors to freely engage with students.
  • Portable instructor desk-podium designed to reduce barriers, while still providing sufficient workspace for the instructors laptop, notes, and other teaching tools.
  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling and a distributed sound system.
  • With the wireless presentation technologies, the instructor is not achored or tethered to one spot in the room, they are free to present from any location.
  • Tiered seating allows the students and instructor to easily see and hear each other.
tilley 124 after 2

Provide Enriching Educational Experiences

  • Each seat has it's own power outlet for a student to connect a device (such as a laptop) to.
  • Reliable wireless connectivity designed for the next generation of learning environments.

Provide a Supportive Campus Environment

  • Comfortable seating designed to give more space in the seat for students.
  • Natural light from adjacent windows increases the comfortable nature of the room.
  • Window shades are provided to ensure just the right amount of light is filtered into the room.
  • Air exchange and automated temperature control provide a livable and comfortable environment.

Before Renovations:

Tilley 124