IUC Science Library - Room 107

Originally renovated in the summer of 2012, one of the biggest, and continued feedback recieved was the pod chairs.  These tablet-arm chairs provided the most positive and negative feedback for 107.  The postive feedback was the comfortable seat, large tablet space, bag space below the seat, the ability to swivel the seat, and finally the fantastic addition of the coffee mug holder.  The negative feedback centered around the fact that often the 70+ chairs would resemble a bumber-car corale.  After one or two classes, these chairs would look disorganized and would often inpact the professional and comfortable feeling of the room.  With great success with these chairs in other, smaller, rooms, it was decided to redeploy these chairs and provide fixed seating at a larger capacity.  The relocated chairs have allowed three other smaller rooms to benefit from refreshed seating, while giving this larger room the seating organization it requires for the large amount of students using the room.

iuc 107 after 1

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Large tablet-arms to support laptops, notes, and other items.

Promote Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Large center and cross isle allows the instructor to freely engage students around the room.

Provide Enriching Educational Experiences

  • Each seat has its own power outlet for a student to connect a device (such as a laptop) to.

Provide a Supportive Campus Environment

  • Comfortable seating designed to give more space in the seat for students.

Before Renovations:

IUC 107 Before