Singer Hall - Room 151 Renovations

Singer Hall 151 and 161 are two classrooms that sit side-by-side.  In addition to feedback from students, the Faculty of Business Administration was consulted with heavily to determine the best use and design of these rooms.  Through their direct feedback, it was decided that a continued "case-style" classroom was needed.  As such, room 151 maintains its tiered horseshoe-shape.  Opportunity was taken to improve some of the characteristics that constricted learning (such as improved sightlines, and a less obtrusive console desk).

Encourage Active and Collaborative LearningSinger Hall 151

  • With tiered seating we had to fix the tables, but we've removed the fixed seating and have provided more comfortable chairs that can be moved around easier.
  • The fixed tables provide plenty of writing space for student laptops, notes, or other materials.
  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling and distributed sound.
  • Wireless presentation technologies allow instructors and students to wireless collaborate with the digital projector system.

Promote Student-Faculty Interactions

  • The console desk was specifically designed to be less of a barrier.
  • The isles in the classroom were redesigned to give better sightlines for the students in the seats.  This should increase the visibility of the instructor, whiteboards, and data screens.
  • With the wireless presentation technologies the instructor is not anchored or tethered to one spot in the room, they are free to present from any location.

Enriching Educational ExperiencesSinger Hall 151

  • Each fixed table has power outlets for each student.
  • A ceiling-mounted document camera has been installed to let instructors present written materials or other non-digital objects.
  • Reliable wireless connectivity.

Provide a Supportive Campus Environment

  • Comfortable seating designed to give more space in the seat for students.
  • The LED lighting in the room is adjustable for giving presentations or using the writing surfaces.
  • Improved air-handling to increase air flow and freshness.

Before Renovations