Bailey Hall Auditorium - Room 146

The planning for the Bailey Hall auditorium began in the Winter of 2013, with the renovations completing in the Fall 2014.  External architects were brought in to craft the unique design of the room.  As the auditorium resides within one of the main science buildings on campus, a biological feel was designed into the room.  The sound buffering panels on the sides have been designed to resemble a DNA sequence.  The pod lighting was designed to give the ceiling a cloud-like look.

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learningbailey 146

  • Large tablet-arms to support student laptops, notes, or other items.
  • Acoustic paneling and a distributed sound system provide a natural environment for conversations and discussions.
  • Wireless presentation technologies allow instructors and students to wirelessly collaborate through the digital projector system.

Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Teaching computer console is height-adjustable through and automated switch.
  • With the wireless presentation technology, the instructor is not anchored or tethered to one spot in the room, they are free to present from any location.

Enriching Educational Experiencesbailey ceiling

  • Each seat has its own power outlet.
  • In addition to the computer, there is a document camera and bluray/DVD player.
  • Wireless microphone system.
  • Reliable wireless connectivity.

Supportive Campus Environment

  • Comfortable fabric seating designed to give more space in the seat for students.
  • Improved air-handling and air conditioning to increase the air flow and freshness.
  • The LED lighting in the room is adjustable for giving presentations or using the writing surfaces.

Bailey Hall - 146Bailey Hall - 146