IUC Science - Room 108 Renovations

IUC Room 108 was chosen for renovation as it was a heavily used room, but had a very claustrophobic feel (concrete walls on all sides).  We decided to put in borrowed natural light through the installation large windows in this room.  This hopefully provides a positive learning environment by providing natural light and reduce the claustrophobia of the room itself to provide a more engaging atmosphere.

iuc108 after

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling.
  • Increased blackboard/whiteboard space.
  • Increased power outlets around the room.
  • Fixed data projector and easy-to-use button presentation system.

Promote Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Appropriately sized and flexible desk and podium to reduce the barrier between instructor and student.

iuc108 afterProvide a Supportive Campus Environment

  • Natural borrowed light through newly installed windows in the back of the class.
  • Improved color palette to increase the welcoming and invitingness of the room.
  • Improved air circulation to increase the livability of the room.



Before Renovations

iuc108 before