IUC Science - Room 107 Renovations

IUC Room 107 was chosen for renovation as it was a large classroom that gets used quite heavily.  We wanted to reduce the overall seating capacity (and subsequently make it less crowded) by reducing the number of seats by 30%.  This should give students more comfortable room to engage and learn.  Likewise, we decided to put in borrowed natural light through the installation large windows in this room.  This hopefully provides a positive learning environment by providing natural light and reduce the claustrophobia of the room itself.IUC 107

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling.
  • Increased blackboard/whiteboard space.
  • Increased power outlets around the room.
  • Flexible seating with large arm tablets for laptop and papers.

Promote Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Appropriately sized and flexible desk and podium to reduce the barrier between instructor and student.

IUC WindowsProvide a Supportive Campus Environment

  • Natural borrowed light through newly installed windows in the back of the class.
  • Improved color palette to increase the welcoming and invitingness of the room.
  • Improved air circulation to increase the livability of the room.



Before Renovations

IUC 107 Before