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Working Group on the Principles of Naming or Renaming University Places – Phase One recommendations

Since its establishment in 1785, UNB has had a rich, long-standing history in New Brunswick. With many of UNB’s buildings and other spaces named after historical and contemporary leaders, conversations surrounding named places are happening within our university community, just as they are at many universities across North America.

Shortly after I began my term as president of UNB, students, faculty, staff and members of the public raised concerns regarding the name of Ludlow Hall on the university’s Fredericton campus and as a result I set up the Working Group on the Principles of Naming or Renaming University Places.

The working group delivered its Phase One recommendations regarding the naming of the Faculty of Law building, Ludlow Hall, to me in April and I’m now pleased to announce that the group’s examination and subsequent recommendations were unanimously approved by UNB’s Board of Governor’s on May 26, 2020. The Working Group’s full report can be found on its website and the following is a summary of the approved recommendations:

  • Effective immediately, the Ludlow name will be removed from the Faculty of Law building.
  • A permanent display which explores Ludlow’s history with slavery and Indigenous schooling in early New Brunswick will be installed within the Faculty of Law building. This exhibit will also explain why George Duncan Ludlow’s name was removed from the building.
  • Further, when it becomes possible, UNB will hold an educational event to share what the university has learned through the exploration of these historical issues, furthering UNB’s path to Truth and Reconciliation by encouraging scholarship on the African-Canadian and Indigenous history of New Brunswick.

The Working Group’s Phase One recommendations were based on thorough research and discussion. The recommendations were based on targeted consultation with academic and community groups and written submissions from members of the UNB community and greater public, historical research on George Duncan Ludlow, and an examination of information pertaining to Ludlow Hall’s naming in 1968.

The Working Group continues its work in the review of named places at UNB. Phase Two of their work will result in recommendations to improve our policies and principles to consider any necessary changes that will guide our naming practices going forward. I am greatly appreciative of the work undertaken by the Working Group, and I want to particularly thank co-chairs Dr. Greg Kealey, Professor Emeritus of History, and Dr. Heidi MacDonald, Dean of Arts at UNB Saint John.

I want to also thank those who offered their time in consulting with us during this process and all those who offered their views and opinions.

Dr. Paul J. Mazerolle
President and Vice-Chancellor

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