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Celebrating excellence and generosity

2020/2021 Scholarship & Prize Recipients

Celebrating our student’s success and recognizing the generosity of our many donors is paramount for our Law School. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host our annual academic awards night this year. We look forward to returning to this longstanding tradition as soon as possible.

In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 2020/2021 scholarship and prize recipients and THANK YOU to the donors who make these awards possible.

Entrance Scholarships

Lord Beaverbrook Scholarship (First Year) - Hannah Russell, Graham Manderville, Brigid Martin

Lord Beaverbrook Scholarship (Renewal) - Alden Spencer, Pragya Chowdhury, Weston McArthur, Erik Arsenault, Patrick Delaney, Alexander Carleton

Hon. Charles Hughes & Edith Hughes Scholarship - Riley Loughead, Kaitlin Gamble

Tore Grude Memorial Scholarship - Rebekah Robbins 

Stephen Smith Scholarship - Jake Bryden

Mabel French Scholarship - Olivia Pearson

Hart Green Scholarship - Benjamin Stratton

Cherrill Edwina Shea & Carl Robert Aron Law Scholarship - Olivia Ricketts 

Marie LaForest Scholarship - Hailey Frenette

Wayne Carson Scholarship in Law - Shelby Batten

Sherron Dickson Award - Destiny Grant

Newfoundland & Labrador Law Entrance Scholarship - Alexander Marshall

David Covert Entrance Scholarship - Katie Unsworth

Taylor-Strain Family Scholarship - Abigail Companion 

Prince Edward Island Law Foundation Entrance Scholarship - Vanessa Trainor 

Law Foundation of Nova Scotia Entrance Scholarship - Dylan Gallant

Gregory Bridges Scholarship - Zoe LeBlanc

Louis & Joel Attis Scholarship - Lauren Sorel

John Bryden Scholarship - Riley Mitchell

Stewart McKelvey Diversity Scholarship - Marina Kwak

Barry Family Trust Scholarship - Amanda Sooley 

Canadian Bar Association (NB Branch) Entrance Award - Tyler White

NB Law Foundation Entrance Scholarship - Benjamin Stratton, Dylan Gallant, Kathryn Humphries, Katie Unsworth, Michelle McCabe, Ceili Randall, James Good, Graydon Campbell, Daniel Mallov, Ryan Fancey, Frank Gillies, Hannah Helm, Warren Peters, Raechel Mills, Sheldon McRae, Sean Murphy, Sean McNeill, Benjamin Rogers, Logan Walters, Duncan Wallace

Upper-year Scholarships

Honourable William F. Ryan Scholarship - Cailtin Gallant

Frank Covert Scholarship - M. Colton Smith

Frank Covert Scholarship Renewal - Lori Wareham 

Starr House Award - Nicole Pelletier

Dr. Daniel Hurley Scholarship - Chelsea Drodge

Law Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador Centennial Scholarship - Kelsie Lockyer

Prince Edward Island Law Foundation Centennial Scholarship - Sabryna Shaw

Harry K. Scott Scholarship - Gyan Gill 

Joseph W. Sears Scholarship - Heather Kennedy

Blake, Cassels & Graydon Scholarship - Megan Smith 

Blake, Cassels & Graydon Scholarship renewal - Colleen Roach

Sherrard Kuzz Scholarship - Cathleen Trafton 

David Covert Scholarship - Chelsey Buggie

Zoë Odei Memorial Scholarship - Delaney Stymiest-Losier

Lawrence and Jean Fraser Scholarship - Michael Williams

Frederick D. Toole Memorial Scholarship - Abigail Smith

Frederick Richard Scholarship - James Pinchak 

Allen M. Ruben, Q.C. Award for Humanitarian Leadership - Jennifer Bueno

Frank McKenna Scholarship - Kaitlan Huckabone

Borden Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award - Graeme Hiebert

Stewart McKelvey Scholarship - Alexandra Steinberg

Leary Moore Memorial Scholarship - Raylene Mackey

MacLellan Family Scholarship - Alysha Snow

Law Class of 2010 Scholarship - Charles White

Forging our Futures Law Awards - Alexandra Youssef, Lucas Savini, David Bunce, Joshua Merrigan, Dominique Goguen

Kevin Mitchell Award - Alysha-Rae Weekes

Christopher Hicks Scholarship - Katherine Myers 

Law Class of 1963 Scholarship - Patrick Leger

Case Family Scholarship in Business Law - Dawson Harrison

Law Class of 2001 Scholarship - Natalie Ross

Franco and Maria Giamberardino Scholarship - Sarah MacCallum

Terry Kelly Scholarship - Chantalle Briggs

Eric L. Teed Memorial Scholarship in Law - Morgan Wilcox

Christy Shaw Scholarship - Sumaiya Akhter

Evelyn Roach Memorial Scholarship - Daniel Escott

Cape Breton Barristers' Society Scholarship - Allison Bigg

Amicus Law and Mediation Scholarship - Emily MacLeod

Hoyt Family Scholarship - Dana Evans 

Margaret Teed Tector Scholarship - Ash Arsenault

Fernand Landry Scholarship - Katherine Peterson

Brian Rees Campbell Scholarship - Ellen Sterns

Law Class of 1981 Scholarship - Katie MacDermaid

Justice Barbara Baird Scholarship in Family Law - Sonya Vey

Cedric Gilbert Scholarship - Lauren Ogden

Richard J. Scott, Q.C. Scholarship - Julia O'Hanley

Law Class of 1978 Scholarship - Kerry Gosse

Linda and Michael Beairsto Award - Michiko Merasty 

George McAllister Scholarship - Kathryn Power

Allen Earle Scholarships - Emily MacLeod, Dominique Goguen, Michael Williams

Law Foundation of Nova Scotia Scholarship - M. Colton Smith

Canadian Bar Association (NB Branch) Award - Isaac McLellan

Encaenia 2020 Prizes

Lieutenant-Governor’s Silver Medal - Curtis Doyle

Law Faculty Prize - Fahim Rahman

Law Faculty Council Prize (third year) - Curtis Doyle

Blake Lynch Prize in Criminal Law & Evidence - Leigh-Ellen Dunstan

McInnes Cooper Prize in Corporate Law & Taxation - Shayna Levine-Poch

Gordon Petrie, Q.C. Prize in Labour & Employment - Carson Rehn

Stewart McKelvey Prize in Business Law - Curtis Doyle, James O’Shea

Lawson A. W. Hunter, Q.C. Prize in Conflict of Laws - Colin Boyd (fall), Curtis Doyle (fall), Chee-Wang Ng (winter)

Spirit of UNB Law - Fahim Rahman

Degrees with Distinction – Kelsey Bennett, Amanda Brennan, Curtis Doyle, Mark Heighton, Chee-Wang Ng, Fahim Rahman, Victoria Tremblett


Law Faculty Council Prize (second year) - Alexander Carleton.        

Bryden Family Prize in Administrative Law - Kathryn Power (fall), Patrick Delaney (winter)

Leycester D. D’Arcy QC Prize in Evidence - Caitlin Gallant (fall), Morgan Wilcox (winter)

John Teed Prize in Civil Procedure - Lori Wareham (fall), Jordan Hamilton (winter)

Bereskin & Parr Prize in Intellectual Property - Curtis Doyle

Townsend/Fisher Prize in Real Estate Transactions - Matthew Ruttledge

McInnes Cooper Prize in Trial Practice - Holly Burns (fall), Renna Eliakis (winter), Jillian Trail Fahey (winter)

NB Trial Lawyers’ Association Prize in Trial Practice - Chee-Wang Ng (fall), Jillian Trail Fahey

Insolvency Institute of Canada Prize in Insolvency Studies - Chee-Wang Ng

Horace Hanson Prize in Constitutional Law & Civil Liberties - Christopher Lutes

Richard Hanson Prize in Constitutional Law - Margaret Rondot

Barry Morrison Prize in Legal Writing - Mark Heighton

John Teed Prize in Community Planning - Mark Heighton 

Jean-Marc Ouellette Insurance Law Prize - Ian Donihee

Lyman Purnell Prize in Wills and Estates - Victoria Tremblett

Prizes (1L)

Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers Prize in Criminal Law - Alexandra Steinberg

Doone McEvoy Prize in Constitutional Law - Kaitlan Huckabone (Section 1), James Pinchak (Section 2)

Emond Montgomery Prize in Property - Matthew Zvan (Section 1), Seth Eichhorst (Section 2)

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP Prize in Advocacy - Alden Spencer

Law Faculty Council Prize - Matthew Zvan

George McAllister Prize in Torts - Matthew Zvan (Section 1), James Pinchak (Section 2)

Timothy McLaughlin Prize in Criminal Law - Matthew Zvan

Dawn Muzzerall Prize in Contracts - Kelsie Lockyer (Section 1), Michael Smith (Section 2)

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