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The student lounge transformation has begun!

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, we have raised $85,000 for our student lounge renovation project. As promised, the Faculty of Law has matched these donations, giving us the $170,000 we need to get this important project completed. We’re excited to tell you that we have officially started construction; the transformation of this vital space at UNB Law is happening!

The renovation has started with the removal of the existing ceiling and floor, including asbestos abatement. A new ceiling will be installed along with energy-efficient LED lighting. High-traffic, durable flooring with a beautiful—and modern—light wood tone finish will be laid throughout the space. Thanks to the overwhelming response to the campaign, we are happy to announce that we are also extending the new ceiling, flooring and paint to the LSS office—located just off the lounge.

The lounge will be rewired for the three large microwaves, a wall-mounted 65" LED TV, and for the new task lighting in the study, meal prep, and gaming spaces. The full kitchen will then be installed. This will include new plumbing for the dishwasher and sink, the installation of the two-tone cabinetry, a chic laminate backsplash, the large island, and countertops. The existing entry doors will be stained to match the aesthetic of the design and the entire space will be painted an elegant off-white.

Finally, appliances and furnishings will be moved into the space. This will include stools for the island, six table and chair sets for the main eating/working area, modular furniture for the lounging/meeting/TV areas, the foosball table, and a modern pool table that can convert into a multipurpose table. Artwork and plants will complete the space. The finishing touch will be a large plaque recognizing all of those who donated.

We are very proud of the fact that our new student lounge will be an accessible space. The microwave and tables will be wheelchair-height, and we’re installing an automatic door. In addition to the student lounge, we’re also making long-overdue changes to our front entrance by installing a ramp on the outside and a wheelchair lift inside. It’s very important for us that UNB Law be an inclusive community, where everyone feels welcome. With these changes to our building, we’re making meaningful progress. 

“I am so impressed by the passion that our alumni have shown for this project,” said Dean Marin. “We raised these funds in just six weeks—which is incredible. I thank all of those who donated—without you, we would not be able to provide this wonderful and useful space that will serve law students for years to come.”

We will keep you updated on the progress of the renovations. Follow our social media accounts for construction videos and photos, and for the big reveal coming this fall! We also look forward to welcoming you back to UNB Law in person when the circumstances allow.

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