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A new student lounge

As UNB Law seeks to revitalize itself through the implementation of our strategic vision, we are proud to begin with a highly practical project that will directly benefit our students every time they enter law school.

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The importance of a student lounge

Comfortable and inviting student spaces are crucial to the mission of all law schools, but particularly UNB Law, which seeks to distinguish itself based on its small size and collegial atmosphere. Our learning environment is structured to nurture collaboration and establish connections that will help graduates develop their practices and better serve the public. To be most effective, lawyers must establish relationships built on trust. These relationships start within the walls of the law school, especially in the student lounge.

A new student lounge will maximize value; it is a space that is central to our mission, will be used every day, and by every student. The lounge is also UNB Law’s primary gathering space for events and receptions, attended by lawyers, judges, government officials, donors, alumni and other distinguished visitors.

A total transformation

Our vision for the new student lounge includes the replacement of the ceiling and floor, new lighting, new furniture and artwork, andnew cabinetry and paint. We will install a new kitchen that will include a large sink, dishwasher, fridge with freezer, microwave and coffeemaker. There will be ample counter space, a large island, and drawers and cupboards for storage.

The lounge will be redecorated to make more effective use of the space by creating distinctive cooking, eating, lounging, gaming and study spaces. New furniture will include tables for eating, a combination of armchairs and couches in the lounge area, which will feature a wall-mounted TV and armchairs with tablets in a study space. There will be additional stool seating by the kitchen island, as well as a pool table and foosball table in the game areas. Much of the furniture will be modular allowing reconfiguration as needed.

The new student lounge will be a hub for interaction and collaboration. This is a great way of giving back to UNB Law that directly benefits every student. We are asking you to become part of this important project.

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