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Faculty of Law


UNB Law has a regular full-time faculty complement of 21. These faculty members produce internationally recognized research and scholarship in a wide range of subjects including technology law and policy, access to justice, patent law, privacy and defamation, international trade law and climate change, Indigenous Peoples and the law, constitutional rights, international taxation, securities law and dispute resolution - to name just a few.

This full-time faculty complement is supplemented by a group of part-time instructors, mostly practising lawyers, who bring a wealth of expertise on topics such as; negotiation, maritime law, municipal and community planning, mediation, bankruptcy and insolvency, employment law, prosecution and defense of homicide, human rights, and labour and employment.

Our expertise

Alexander Basil

  • law and social change
  • cause lawyering and public interest legal issues
  • civil procedure and litigation
  • legal ethics and professionalism
  • demonstrations and the Law

Janet Austin

  • white-collar crime and securities offences
  • insider Trading and Stock Market Manipulation
  • whistleblowing in Corporations
  • enforcement Issues in relation to Cybercrime
  • cybercrime in Securities Markets
  • regulation of markets designed to trade securities issued by smaller companies

Greg Bowley

  • private law theory
  • contract law and theory
  • tort law and theory

Aloke Chatterjee

  • constitutional law
  • human rights
  • disability law and policy
  • legal process
  • procedure and evidence in civil cases

  • legal research
  • access to legal information
  • legal education

Kerri Froc

  • women’s constitutional rights
  • equality and social and economic rights
  • access to justice and the rule of law
  • rights of political representation
  • theories of constitutional interpretation (including originalism)
  • feminist legal theory

John Kleefeld

  • tort law
  • class actions
  • dispute resolution
  • law and humanities
  • legal education

Anne Warner La Forest, K.C.

  • property law
  • international law
  • international human rights law
  • private international law
  • administrative law and corporate governance

Michael Marin, K.C.

  • administrative law
  • workplace law
  • corporate governance
  • tort law

David Matyas

  • humanitarian assistance
  • disasters
  • international humanitarian law
  • public international law

Sarah-jane Nussbaum

  • criminal law
  • sentencing
  • legal education

Nicole O'Byrne

  • Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations
  • evidence
  • criminal law
  • Canadian federalism
  • Indigenous self-government and economies
  • advanced evidence

Argyri Panezi

  • law and technology
  • access to justice
  • cybersecurity
  • intellectual property

Maria Panezi

  • climate change
  • world trade law
  • progressive and inclusive trade agenda

Benjamin Perryman

  • constitutional law
  • comparative law
  • evidence
  • international law

Norman Siebrasse

  • patent law
  • patent remedies
  • pharmaceutical patents
  • intellectual property and commercial law

Jane Thomson

  • family Law
  • private law and social justice
  • property
  • wills and estates

Vokhid Urinov

  • taxation of foreign source income
  • international tax avoidance and evasion
  • base erosion and profit shifting

Paul Warchuk

  • constitutional law
  • administrative law

Hilary Young

  • defamation law
  • tort law
  • health law
  • remedies
  • privacy law