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Introduction to Linear Algebra

Subject Course No. Credit Value
Math MATH 1503 Three (3) credit hours

This course focuses on lines and planes, the geometry and algebra of vectors, systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, linear independence, spanning sets, basis, linear transformations, determinants, complex numbers, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, and Diagonalization.

Instructor: Caroline Purdy (please contact the instructor if you need an up-to-date syllabus)
Prerequisite: None

Why take this course?

  • Recorded lectures provide a classroom experience, but the flexibility to choose your own hours.
  • Small homework assignments allow you to practice the material as you learn and go back to the lecture if you need more explanation.
  • Is accepted for credit transfer to most post-secondary institutions in Canada.

Course details

Students have six months from the registration date to complete the course. All course exams and/or assignments must be completed by the designated end date.

Assignments and examinations

  • Homework Assignments (45% total)
  • 3 x Tests (45% total)
  • 1 x Final Test (10%)

Fees and payments

There is a $150 non-refundable/non-transferable online fee per course in addition to applicable tuition & fees. Learn more about tuition and fees and methods of payment.