Starting students

Biology Grad Students, UNB Saint JohnIf you are just starting your graduate program:

Before the term beings:

Register: Your letter of acceptance will contain your personal identification number with which you can register online. For assistance, please contact Ms. Susan Wilson.

Meet with your supervisor: The Biology Department has put together a reciprocal agreement with important topics to be discussed with your supervisor in the first month.  Be sure to read the guidelines and tips for graduate students, to ensure that you know what is expected of you.

Within the first month:

Set up your supervisory committee: The supervisory committee typically consists of a minimum of three individuals (including the supervisor), and is established by the supervisor in consultation with the graduate student and the proposed committee members.  

Meet with your committee: Complete a program of study form to outline the courses you will be taking. Submit this form along with the reciprocal agreement to the Biology GAU secretary, Kim Banks (Ganong Hall 229).

Note:  if you intend to complete your MSc in less than 2 yrs, you must plan ahead.

In the first year:

M.Sc. students: You should begin preparing your Proposal Presentation.

Ph.D. students: You should begin working on your Proposal Defense. This defense is a combination of the proposal and qualifying / comprehensive examinations held at other institutions.

Orientation: Each September, the GAU gives an orientation - an informal overview of the program - as well as a chance to ask questions and meet others in the GAU.  But feel free to ask questions any time... just contact the Director of Graduate Studies for Biology, at