Transfer from MSc to PhD

Students currently registered in the Master of Science programme may apply to the Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS) to transfer to the PhD programme (before completion of the MSc), using the following process:

1.  The supervisory committee must unanimously recommend the application.

2.  The Biology Graduate Academic Unit Committee (chaired by the DoGS) must unanimously approve the application.

3.  The student will prepare for a PhD proposal defence, following the procedures outlined here.

4. Upon successful completion of the proposal defence, the DoGS will make the formal recommendation to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies to register the student in the PhD programme.  If the proposal defence is not successful, the student will remain in the MSc programme, and the requirement for an MSc proposal will be considered to have been met.

This process should be begun within 12 months of starting the MSc programme.