Finishing students

Thesis preparation

Links to information on thesis preparation, submission and defence are found at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) under Current Students. It is wise to consult these regulations in advance.

Please note: procedures differ slightly between the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Check the guidelines that apply to your degree before you begin the examination and defence process.

Thesis submission

The first step is to work with your supervisor(s) until your thesis draft is ready for review by supervisory committee. In consideration of efficiency of effort, please ensure that the supervisor approves the copy that goes to the committee. This form should accompany the thesis copies that go to the supervisory committee members, with a copy to the DoGS.

Note: Supervisory committee members may, at their discretion, offer to review parts or whole thesis drafts before this stage, but are generally not expected to comment on early drafts.
•  Supervisory committee reviews thesis, suggesting or requiring changes as appropriate. Because this may take more than one iteration , there is no time limit on this stage. Once the supervisory committee approves the thesis and a list of potential examiners (MSc, PhD), they sign off on the thesis approval form, submitting it to the Director of Graduate Studies.
•  Director of Graduate Studies verifies with potential examiners that they are able and willing to serve on the examining committee, and finalizes the committee membership.
•  PhD students submit (to the DoGS) a form stipulating no conflict of interest between the external examiner and the supervisor or candidate.

• Student provides the required number of hard copies (or electronic copies, if so requested by the examiners) which the Director of Graduate Studies distributes along with covering memos of instructions to the committee.

•  Examining committee returns a decision on the thesis, as to whether or not it may proceed to defence, within 3 weeks of receipt. Once the thesis is approved to proceed, the Director of Graduate Studies (in consultation with the examining committee and student) will schedule a thesis defence for not less than one week later.

•  Once successfully defended, student and supervisor sign off on the sheaf of forms provided by the Graduate Secretary.

All graduate students must submit a vita along with their thesis. The layout of the vita section is as follows:

  • Candidate's full name
  • Universities attended (with dates and degrees obtained)
  • Publications
  • Conference presentations

Thesis examination and defence

There are a number of strict guidelines that apply to the examination of the Thesis. Please note that the procedures differ slightly between the M.Sc. and Ph.D., and it is the student's responsibility to be aware of the guidelines that apply to their degree before they begin the examination and defence process.

Submission of completed thesis copies

Please note changes to School of Graduate Studies regulations. Along with the signed completion forms, you must submit 2 paper copies of thesis to the School of Graduate Studies, OR 1 paper copy and one submitted electronically to (1) Lyle Smith at and (2) by cc to to Jacqueline Seely ( 

To have personal copies bound, you must now upload them (as PDF, Word, or Rich Text format) to a thesis publishing company. Pricing varies according to the number of pages, color, illustrations, number of books, cover style & colour, packaging & shipping, etc. You or your supervisor must pay directly at the time you place the order, by VISA, MasterCard or American Express, or with funds through a PayPal account. (Please note that you do not need to sign up with PayPal in order to process a credit card transaction.)