Faculty research interests

C.J.O. BAKER, BSc Hons (Newcastle Upon Tyne), PhD (Cardiff). Bioinformatics; clinical intelligence; health informatics; eco informatics; text mining of scientific literature; semantic web for life sciences; bio-ontologies; data integration. (web)

T.B.R. CHOPIN, BSc (Lyon), MSc (Brest), DEA (Paris), PhD (Brest).  Ecophysiology and biochemistry of seaweeds; integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA).  (lab)

K.A. FREGO, BSc (Winnipeg), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Toronto). Plant ecology; bryology and forest ecology.  (Retired)

C. GRAY, BSc(H) (University of Wales, Bangor), MSc, PhD (Rhodes University, S Africa), Marine & terrestrial chemical ecology;  isolation of bioactive natural products from endophytic fungi. (lab)

J. HOULAHAN, BA (Carleton), MSc (Ottawa), PhD  (Ottawa). Biodiversity, conservation.

H. HUNT, BSc, PhD (Dalhousie). Marine invertebrate ecology and recruitment. (lab)

J.A. JOHNSON, BSc, MSc, PhD (UNB). Mycology; plant pathology.

K. KIDD, BSc(H) (Guelph), PhD (Alberta). Freshwater and marine food webs; ecotoxicology; contaminant fate and effects.  (lab)

J.D. KIEFFER, BSc (Ottawa), MSc, PhD (Queens). Sturgeon swimming and metabolism. (lab)

B. MACDONALD, BSc (Acadia), MSc (UNB), PhD (Memorial). Physiological ecology of marine invertebrates; adaptations, feeding strategies and aquaculture.  (lab)

H.L. MAJOR, BSc(H) (Dalhousie), MSc (Memorial), PhD (Simon Fraser). Seabird ecology and conservation.

S.A. PAVEY, B.Sc. (Colorado State), MSc (Alaska, Anchorage), PhD (Simon Fraser).  Ecological genomics; aquatic molecular genetics.  (lab)

A. REIMAN, BSc (UNB), MD (Toronto), MSc (Harvard). Cancer biomarker studies, novel therapeutics and supportive care. (Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick)

R. ROCHETTE, BSc, MSc, PhD (Laval).  Evolutionary ecology of marine coastal invertebrates; population and fisheries ecology of American lobster Homarus americanus.  (lab)

B. SPEERS-ROESCH, BSc(H), MSc (Guelph), PhD (British Columbia).  Ecophysiology of marine and freshwater animals; fish physiology and biochemistry.  (lab)

J.M. TERHUNE, BSc, MSc (Guelph), Lic. Scient. (Aarhus). Vertebrate behaviour; marine mammals. (Professor Emeritus)