History & Politics

UNB Saint John, Faculty of ArtsHistory gives students the chance to specialize in Canadian, American, European, British and ancient history. The department offers a major or honours in history.

As a political science student, you will analyze how and why governments make the decisions they do, and to look at the impact of those decisions on citizens, social groups, business and the world community. The department offers a major, double major, minor and honours in politics. 

Humanities & Languages

This is a multi-disciplinary department that focuses on the languages, literature and ideas of Western Europe and North America.


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour, feelings and thoughts, and the factors that influence them.  The department of psychology at UNB Saint John is strong in both teaching and research.  Programs are offered at both the undergraduate (BA, BSc) and graduate (MA, PhD) levels.

Social Sciences

The social sciences are concerned with the contemporary problems of people in society. There are three areas of study available within UNB Saint John's social science department: information and communication studies, sociology, and sport and exercise psychology. The social science department also houses education at UNB Saint John.

In conjunction with the Faculty of Business, programs are also offered in economics.