Scholarships, Bursaries & Prizes

UNB provides over $4 million in scholarships each year.The University of New Brunswick recognizes that the rising cost of education puts students in a tough financial position.

That's why we strive to keep tuition costs as low as possible and provide scholarships, bursaries and prizes to UNB students.

What's the difference between a scholarship, a bursary and a prize?

One thing that scholarships, bursaries and prizes have in common is that they help students pay for their education, but there is a difference between them.

Scholarships not only help with the funding of your education but recognize your academic accomplishments.

The awarding of scholarships is based primarily on your grades but some scholarships may have other conditions as well. Those other conditions could include things like financial need, extracurricular activities, the high school you attended, etc., and usually reflect the goals and values of whoever is donating the funds for the scholarship, whether it is an individual or organization.

At UNB, undergraduate scholarship applications and information are available through the Undergraduate Awards office.

Bursaries are awarded primarily on financial need. They are meant to supplement your financial resources for university, not replace them. Again, some bursaries include other criteria reflecting the donor’s wishes, but financial need is the primary focus.

Bursaries at UNB are handled through the Financial Aid office in Saint John and Fredericton.

Prizes are awarded for specific academic achievement, such as the best mark in Math or the best essay in History, so no application is involved. Prizes are awarded by the Registrars' Offices at both campuses and are based on the recommendation of the appropriate Department or Faculty.

Are you eligible for a scholarship at UNB?

You may be considered for UNB scholarships if you have good grades and are:

  • A high school student
  • A student transferring to UNB from another post-secondary institution to complete your first undergraduate degree
  • A student applying to the Bachelor of Education degree program at UNB Fredericton, or
  • A UNB student who has completed 24 credit hours at UNB in the previous year and is returning to UNB in a undergraduate degree program
  • A Law student
  • A Graduate Student
  • A student studying part-time

For more information on eligibility and to find out how to apply for UNB scholarships, please visit

What about other scholarships?

Aside from UNB's scholarships, there are literally thousands of other scholarships available to you that are definitely worth exploring and can further reduce your personal financial contribution during your academic career.