Renewable Opportunities at UNB

We take a progressive and honest approach to annual scholarship funding. Our scholarship program recognizes you for your academic success and helps fund your education.

Your scholarship offer for your first year at UNB is based primarily on the 6 courses required for admission into your program of choice. To be considered for entrance scholarships, apply by Mar. 1.

Once you're here, this is how it works: We use your grades from the previous year (scholarship GPA) to determine the value of your scholarship funding for the upcoming year.

Grades from your first year will determine the value of your scholarship funding for year two; year two grades will determine the value of scholarship funding for year three and so on. Scholarship names are subject to change.

To take advantage of this program once you are here at UNB:

  • Apply every year: Put yourself in the best possible position to compete for scholarships by filling out all fields that are applicable to you. Every year, the application opens in your eServices on Jan. 1 and closes Apr. 15.
  • Set your academic goals high: Funding starts at $1,000 for a 3.7 scholarship GPA. The value increases as your grades rise above 3.7. We only review your grades from the previous assessment year, so every year is a fresh start! Although preference is given to Dean's list students, we encourage all students to apply.
  • Enroll full-time: Complete at least 24 credit hours each assessment year (May to April).