Our Programs

Renaissance College - student sittingRecognizing the need and demand for leadership skills and abilities in multiple contexts, Renaissance College offers a number of ways for students to acquire leadership skills.

The core Bachelor program of Renaissance College is the B.Phil Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies. This is Canada's premiere university undergraduate leadership program. The program was purposefully designed to effectively meet the education needs of tomorrow's leaders.

The degree program is unique in Canada and offers an excellent education opportunity that includes Canadian and international internships. This is a unique eight term bachelor program that is normally completed in a little less than three calendar years. This comprehensive program admits approximately 30 students a year, and is open to students of all ages. Click here for more information about the Bachelor Program.

Bachelor of Integrated Studies- In conjunction with the University of New Brunswick's College of Extended Learning we offer a degree completion program  for mature students that features Renaissance College courses. This program is designed for mature students who have completed some university studies and wish to complete a degree. Click here for more information on the Bachelor of Integrated Studies.

Our Minor in Leadership Studies  and Certificate in Leadership Studies program is now open to UNB students in other faculties. Click here to see how you can Add Leadership To Your Degree.

In the future - We are currently developing further continuing education options to address the need for leadership skills in the context of personal career or life goals.