Resources for Students

Student Affairs & Services

Student Affairs & Services is one of the most important resources for students. The dedicated team of professionals can help your child with any personal, financial or academic issues that may arise.

Visit the Students Affairs & Services website and encourage your student to take advantage of the services and assistance we offer.

Services for Students Guide

There are people, programs and services all across campus to help your child succeed as a UNB student. This guide will help students find the right service for whatever it is they need right now.

Career Connections Program

This program was developed to help students align their studies with their career plans and to encourage them to begin their career planning early. The program includes a website that links students to career databases, statistics on the labour market and salaries, potential employers and areas of work, and tests to help them discover their suitability to specific careers.

  • View the Career Connections Website with your student. The site is available to current students only and requires the student to log in.

Student Orientation

On-Campus Registration and Fall Orientation are your student’s introductions to the academic experience. This is their chance to learn first hand about the services and supports in place to ensure their success at university.

Visit the Student Orientation website to learn about Orientation and encourage your student to attend. Better yet, come with them! We also provide sessions for parents that can help you learn about UNB and how to help your student succeed.