Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs blend the best of theory with the best of practice. You’ll have unique opportunities for advanced study, research, and work experience. The Faculty leads the province in health and wellness research, and is an international leader in body motion research. Research interests range from the biosciences to personal and community health and wellness. Much of the research is done collaboratively, through interdisciplinary teams within the Faculty and with partners in related health fields and our Outreach Services.

We offer high quality health, fitness, sport and organizational services to the greater community. This creates exciting opportunities for experiential learning and contributing to groundbreaking research.

Kinesiology graduate students may pursue the following degree programs:

MSc (Exercise & Sport Science)

MA (Sport & Recreation Studies)

MBA (Sport and Recreation Management)

Master of Science in Sport Science - Joint Program with the University of West Indies

M IDST, PhD IDST (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Students in the MSc and MA degree programs will conduct their work under the direction of a supervisory committee. You will have the option of conducting research-based work, or following an applied route through an internship program. These programs encourage cooperative study, research and internships with other academic units on campus, and with external agencies.

Students in the MBA program will receive a broad base of theory and applied learning reflecting best practices in sport and recreation management. Focusing on management, supervisory and administration careers, the MBA in Sport and Recreation Management fills a major gap in educational opportunities for students with an interest in this growing and diverse field.

World-class research labs

As a graduate student, you will have access to state-of-the-art biomechanics and motor control laboratories, and to one of the most advanced motion analysis labs in the country. The Human Performance lab is located in The Richard J. CURRIE CENTER, a world-class fitness, recreation, and research facility.