Bachelor of Information Systems (BISys)

Established in 2007, UNB Fredericton’s Bachelor of Information Systems (BISsys) degree is a four-year undergraduate program (five years for co-op students) that teaches you how to apply information technology to solve problems within a modern business or organization.

You will build a strong foundation in information technology as well as a solid knowledge of business procedures so that you will be able to act as the bridge between the technical teams and the managers at any business or organization. What information does a business need? How is that information generated and delivered? Is the information presented in a useable way? You will learn how to handle these, and many other, important issues.

Based on international curriculum standards for the information systems discipline, our BISys program will teach you information technology fundamentals in hardware, software, networking and databases as well as information systems design and development methodologies and practice. You will also learn key business skills such as accounting, finance, marketing and management. You will gain essential problem-solving, critical thinking and communications skills as well as learn to work effectively as part of a team.

In the first year of the BISys program, you will typically take five courses per term, including introductory courses in computer programming, business math, computer science concepts, economics, information systems fundamentals as well as an elective in Arts.

Earn while you learn

You can earn money while you learn as well as gain valuable work experience and business contacts if you choose our highly successful co-op program or our Professional Experience Program (PEP). With both these options, you can earn attractive salaries and enjoy challenging placements at companies across the country, giving you the opportunity to graduate job –ready and often debt-free, or with very little debt.