Our Faculty is one of the strongest research Faculties at the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton campus.

CS Research ExpoAs per the statistics compiled by the Office of the Vice President of Research, the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) has one of the largest number of research graduate students supervised per faculty member at UNB and one of the highest research output per faculty member.

In the past few years our research and industrial collaboration activities and research output increased substantially. FCS is currently involved in a number of multi-million dollar projects, some of which are in collaboration with New Brunswick industries. 

Most of our faculty members hold Tri-Council funding such as NSERC Discovery Grants and/or  NSERC Strategic Grants. A Majority of our faculty members are involved in R&D projects with local/federal government agencies and private sectors.

Currently, the FCS average research dollar per research faculty member is more than $250,000 per year. The Faculty's research activities continue to grow producing impressive research output. The FCS annual research exposition has become a flagship of research and development in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. 

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Research Facilities

Our Faculty has more than 20 Research Laboratories used by our Graduate students and researchers. We also manage and operate the Advanced Computational Research Laboratory (ACRL) providing high performance computing resources for research and instruction not only to both campuses of UNB, but also to many universities in Atlantic Canada.

Other major research labs include: Usability laboratory, Adaptive Risk Management Laboratory; Communication and Wireless Computing Laboratory; Hardware/Software Co-design Laboratory; Knowledge Engineering Laboratory; and, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Our Faculty is the headquarter for the ACEnet Advanced Computing Institute, and houses the MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems) Networks of Centers of Excellence Atlantic office. The Scientific Director and a Business Development Officer are housed in FCS to coordinate Atlantic activities.

Research Groups

At present, FCS has two research centers - the Information Security Center of eXcellence (ISCX) and the
IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS Atlantic) in addition to six research groups:

The Information Security Centre of eXcellence was established in 2007. It is now home to Canadian HoneyNet Project and has received national and international recognition for the contributions its members have made in the area of information and network security.

The IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS Atlantic) is an IBM-Research-based institution dedicated to promoting and cultivating collaborative research between IBM and the University of New Brunswick.

Research Partners

Our Faculty has a large number of Honourary Research Associates and Adjunct professors and has strong research collaborations with the National Research Council Institute for Information Technology e-Business. Additionally, a number of our faculty members have ongoing research collaborations with other universities in Canada and beyond.


During the past seven years, our Faculty has been involved in organizing the annual conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST).  One of our faculty members is the coordinator and organizer of the PST*Net.

We have also organized the CNSR annual conference for the past 7 years for which one of our faculty members is the coordinator. The FCS is also actively involved with the New Brunswick IT sector by organizing workshops, carrying out studies and providing consulting through the UNB office of research services.