Download here the IDS courses offered at UNB 2018-2019

Courses offered by the IDS program

Any student can take IDS courses as electives.

IDS course schedule 2017-2018

Course number Course name Term Day and time Instructor
IDS1103 Concepts and Perspectives F TTh 10-11:20 C Bassett
IDS2103 International Development W TTh 10-11:20 TBA
IDS4003 IDS Practicum Contact C. Bassett
IDS4103 Advanced Topics in IDS W W 9:30-12:20 TBA
IDS4900 Honours Thesis F/W C Bassett


IDS Electives

Students taking a Minor in IDS or who entered the Faculty of Arts at UNB Fredericton prior to September 2016 and wishing to take a Double-Major or Joint Honours in IDS can use the Tier 2 and Tier 3 credits interchangeably to meet electives requirements. Students entering the Faculty of Arts at UNB Fredericton in September 2016 or later and wishing to Double-Major or Joint-Honours in IDS will be required to take a minimum number of Tier 2 credits and will only be able to use a limited number of Tier 3 electives towards their program. Please consult the IDS program for details.

Tier 2 IDS electives are the main IDS-supporting courses offered by the departments that contribute to the IDS program. They are offered on a rotational basis.

Tier 2 courses

Discipline Course Course Description
Comparative Cultural Studies (World Literature and Culture Studies) CCS 3455
CCS 3974
CCS 3904
CCS 4062
Latin America in Cinema
Contemporary Spanish American Narrative
Background of Latin American Cultures
Spanish and Latin American Women Artists
Economics ECON 3016
ECON 3705
Introduction to Development Economics
Canada and the New Global Economy
Anthropology ANTH 3694
ANTH 3704
ANTH 4224
ANTH 4502
ANTH 4702
Latin America
South Asia
Religions in Practice
Issues in Medical Anthropology
Gender and Health
Sociology SOCI 3523
SOCI 3563
SOCI 3801
SOCI 4264
Sociology of International Development
Global Perspective in Environmental Health
Food Studies in a Sociological Context
Health Care in International Context
Political Science POLS 3635
POLS 3643
POLS 3711
POLS 3713
Critical Conflict Studies
The United Nations
Political Economy of Development in Africa
The Global Economy: Production, Profits, Power and People
English ENGL 3813 Literatures of Africa, the Caribbean and South Asia
History HIST 3011
HIST 3012
European Imperialism, 1815-1914
European Imperialism, 1914-1975


IDS 4003: IDS Practicum

This course integrates learning with a community based service project or an overseas international development initiative. The aim is to enrich students' education by providing a unique opportunity for aquiring first-hand skills and experiences.

Tier 3 Electives are additional IDS-supporting courses offered by the departments that contribute to the IDS program.

For up to date information about Tier 3 course offerings see our IDS Facebook page.