Why Study English?

...to develop your analytical and communication skills

Studying literature will refine your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, as well as cultivate your love of literature. The authors you read provide models of engaging, powerful, and creative communication with diverse texts from different cultures, historical periods, and points of view; writing essays that are edited and corrected by experienced professors ensures practice in techniques of effective writing. Class discussions and seminar presentations furnish ample opportunity to cultivate strategies for public speaking. Excellent communication skills are a necessity for success in any aspect of personal and professional life. An English degree celebrates the pleasures of reading and writing, while equipping you with an analytical mind, ready to adapt to the demands of the contemporary workplace.

...to increase your employment opportunities

Major corporations hire BA graduates because of their ability to communicate well, to organize effectively, and to deal successfully with personnel. Degrees with strong English components also prepare students for jobs in software design and development, the media, education, publishing, and public service. As well, an English degree provides a superb background for advanced study in education and MBA programmes, as well as in graduate, journalism, and law schools.

...to cultivate your interest in the fine arts

At UNB, a Creative Minor can be taken in three areas: creative writing, theatre, and film/video. The English Department is the home of creative writing and theatre on the UNB campus and a key participant in the interdepartmental Film Studies Minor. The Department offers academic courses, workshops, studio study, and extracurricular activity in all three areas, allowing you to explore such interests while earning academic credit and developing professional skills.