All the audiovisual equipment required for your talk will be in the room, with a windows based computer.

Oral presentations are allotted 20 minutes each. However, it is usual (and desirable) for an author to allocate approximately 15 minutes for the formal paper presentation and an additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The session chairperson is responsible for ensuring that all podium presentations are within the predefined time limit.

Bring your presentation file on a USB device between 8:00-8:30 am or 12:30-1:00 pm; in advance please scan your USB device for viruses. Do not bring your laptop to the podium. To avoid compatibility issues at the time of the presentation, please ensure your presentation is compatible with a windows based computer.


Posters should not exceed 120cm (3'11'') in height and 110 cm (3'7'') in width. All necessary materials for poster display will be provided.

Poster material should be presented in a clear and logical format. Keep text to a minimum and use graphs or tables to illustrate your message. Titles should be legible 2.5 metres away and viewers should be able to read the text from 1.5 metres distance. Subheadings should be at least 30 point font. Text font should be at least 20 point, though larger font is encouraged.

Your poster should be hung Friday morning between 8:00-8:30 am. Authors of posters should be present during coffee breaks on Friday and Saturday 10:10-10:30 am & 2:20-2:40 pm.