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#OnlyHere Social Series

Our #OnlyHere campaign is about showcasing unique, innovative and significant aspects of a university experience that you'll only find at UNB. Our social series brings these stories to life - in your own words.

Points of Pride

These points of pride are the backbone of our #OnlyHere campaign

  • UNB 'Firsts'
  • Research & Discovery
  • Innovative Programs
  • Student Experience
  • Community Impact

UNB at a glance

Stories of creativity, innovation & community that you'll find #OnlyHere

Promise Partnership

For Kyle Buckley, Promise Partnership did more than give him a way to make a difference in his community, it changed his career goals.

Support and opportunities for youth

Canada’s first interdisciplinary leadership program

When Kayley Reed first discovered Renaissance College she never imagined the program would give her the skills, knowledge and confidence to start a social enterprise.

A sustainable way to create an impact

Socially-conscious law internships

Sarah Rouse didn’t plan on studying law until she did an internship in Burkina Faso and realized how a law degree could help her improve social conditions for women and children all over the world.

Non-traditional areas of law

2016 at a glance

At 231 years, UNB has a strong and storied history, and countless reasons to be proud; this report showcases just a few of them. These are stories about people who are passionate and determined, and about people working together to achieve something greater than any individual.

Annual Report (2015-16)

Students work with industry partners to bring ideas to life

Engineering students presented their design projects at the second annual UNB Engineering Design Symposium. Over 600 potential employers, industry and community partners and members of the public came to see the prototypes our students had created.

Turn your innovative ideas into a reality