Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science
Campus: Fredericton

The mysteries of number theory, the geometry of curved spaces, areas with important applications in data security, computer design and cosmology. For ages, mathematicians have made invisible and unsung contributions to advancements in science and technology. These are just a few of the areas you can explore with UNB’s Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate program!

Demand for scientists, engineers and technicians is projected to increase by 36 per cent and the demand for mathematical scientists by 29 per cent. The dominant criteria for new jobs are higher skills and adaptability– in short, more education, especially in mathematics.

Bachelor of Science

The Mathematics and Statistics program is available as a major, double major, minor or honours option as part of a four-year Bachelor of Science degree.

The Faculty of Science is one of the university’s oldest faculties and was established when UNB was founded in 1785. Our faculty has an outstanding reputation, both nationally and internationally, and as a student you will be able to benefit from its stellar accomplishments in research and for its acclaimed graduate and nationally-accredited undergraduate degree programs.

The impact of their research has led to four of our faculty members being placed in the world's top one per cent of chemists most cited in scientific papers.

Two Options


The mathematics major degree is designed to prepare you with a career in industry, government or education. Mathematics students are urged to obtain some expertise in an area of application such as the physical sciences, computer science, engineering or business.


The statistics major degree is designed to prepare you with a career in industry or government as well as to provide a background for graduate study. Statistics students are urged to obtain some expertise in an area of applications such as the physical sciences, forestry, or computer science.

For more information, visit the Mathematics and Statistics page on the Faculty of Science's website

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Science" in our admission requirements tool.


  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Industrial Designer
  • Information Technologist
  • Researcher
  • Statistician
  • Risk Analyst