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Making medical dreams come true at UNB

Dr. Carly Baxter (BSc’14) knew she wanted to practice medicine by Grade 10 or 11. After graduating from Simonds High School, she enrolled in a bachelor of science program on UNB’s Saint John campus and set out to make her goal a reality.

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Reducing food waste one mushroom at a time

Experts estimate that $49.5B worth of food is lost or wasted in Canada annually. Recognizing the growing concern around food safety, UNB graduate, Natasha Dhayagude (BSc'14) and her co-founder David Brown, looked toward nature to find a solution.

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STEP in Croatia

Out-of-the-classroom learning experiences offer students a unique chance to connect with their local or global community, apply classroom learnings to real life and shape their future careers.

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UNB mental health peer support

Recognizing the importance of having proper support systems in place to ensure academic and personal success, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) is empowering students to support each other’s well-being.

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First Year’s Tuition Free winner

UNB is committed to providing every student with a transformative and equitable learning experience. To support the community, UNB’s First Year’s Tuition Free contest, created by the student recruitment office, randomly selects a winner to receive free first-year tuition.

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Science student discovers what experts missed

After nearly three summers of experimental research, Science student Connor Flynn discovered the source of frequent irregularities in GPS navigation signals that have occurred over the last decade. His breakthrough discovery is expected to help make GPS technology more accurate.

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