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Student Affairs and Services

Student loans

The financial aid office acts as a liaison office between students and all governmental student aid offices for Canadian student loans. If you are looking for assistance for United States student loan funding, the financial aid office can provide guidance by providing helpful information.

Canada Student Loans and Grants: Application is made to your province in which you are considered a resident and will be assessed for both federal and provincial of government student loans.

Provincial loans

Note: Dropping classes through the academic year may affect your student loan. Students contemplating a change should consider the financial implications as well as the academic impact. Refer to the UNB’s refund policy for details and ask the Financial Aid Office for advice before you drop a class.

Lines of credit

Some financial institutions lend money for school. These are regular consumer loans aimed at students. Interest rates may be higher since the rates are not set by the government, and repayment terms may be more aggressive than with government-sponsored loans. Also, interest accrues (builds up) on bank loans while you are in school, unlike most government student loans.

Some financial institutions also offer lines of credit. These are preset amounts of money from which you can withdraw sums as needed. You pay interest only on the money you withdraw.

US student loans

Financial Assistance is available for citizens and permanent residents of the United States. University of New Brunswick is recognized as a participant by the US Department of Education for the Direct Loan Programs.

Financial assistance

Government loans

Students who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States may apply for Stafford and plus loans through the William D. Ford federal direct loan program (direct loans - DL). This program includes Stafford and plus (parent and graduate) loans only.

Students attending foreign schools are not eligible for grants from the United States government. Students must be registered in a degree program. Students in online or correspondence programs are not eligible.

Students registered in any nursing program will not be eligible for aid through the direct loan program.

School OPE ID code for the University of New Brunswick is 00668500.