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Student aid

Federal, provincial, and territorial governments offer aid for students with assessed financial need in the form of loans, bursaries, and grants. The Financial Aid Office acts as a liaison between students and all governmental student aid offices.

Canadian government student loans

The Canada Student Loans Program offers student financial assistance to Canadians. It was created by the Government of Canada to make postsecondary education accessible to students with financial need. Canadian students apply directly to their province or territory of residence. For more information and how to apply, see Government Student Loan Information.

United States Foreign School Loan Information

US students can apply for funding through US federal government loan programs. For more information and how to apply, see Student Loan Information for American Students.

Student line of credit

A student line of credit is a product for students to help pay for expenses related to post-secondary education, like tuition or books. It can also be used to help cover everyday expenses like food and transportation. You may need someone, like a parent, to co-sign your line of credit application.