Research excellence at UNB

The Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence consists of a dedicated research and development team within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

  • 75% of publicly funded research in New Brunswick happens at UNB
  • UNB was named Canada’s most entrepreneurial university by Startup Canada
  • 20+ research institutes and centres
  • $45 million in annual research funding (2015)
  • 75+ startup and spinoff companies

Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi

Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi is director of research and development for the Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence. He is also an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and director of the Cognitive Performance Optimization Lab at the University of New Brunswick. 

Mohammadi develops advanced materials using additive manufacturing techniques. His current research focuses on enhancing the mechanical, corrosion, impact, and fatigue properties of additively manufactured metals (e.g., aluminum, titanium, steels). It also involves 3D printed long fibre composites, metal matrix coatings, and ultra-light high strength metamaterials. 

Prior to beginning his academic career at UNB in 2015, Mohammadi was a research associate and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, NSERC Visiting Research Fellow at Canmet MATERIALS (Natural Resources Canada) and PhD candidate at the University of Western Ontario. 

Mohammadi is a leader of several significant projects on metal additive manufacturing in marine, defence, and aerospace sectors.