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Transformative marine manufacturing

Presented in collaboration with GE Additive

By intertwining advanced technical training and influential communications, the recent “All About Additive” workshop presented by MAMCE in collaboration with GE Additive has helped Atlantic Canadian business leaders learn about the benefits of Additive Manufacturing (AM). By delivering an overview of additive manufacturing principles, this workshop has developed the participants’ knowledge about how to tackle the big challenges of contemporary manufacturing.

The workshop discussed several practical topics required for Additive Manufacturing project development. The key topics include:

  • The business of additive and how to create value
  • Overview of additive technology and trends
  • Best practices to identify additive applications
  • Considerations to scale to additive production
  • Case studies in Additive Manufacturing
  • Funding opportunities for Atlantic Canadian manufacturers to pursue additive manufacturing

The workshop also demonstrated how Additive Manufacturing methods help eliminate traditional obstacles and extend fabrication capabilities. Participating Atlantic Canadian business leaders learned how Additive Manufacturing would help them improvise their development processes as well as expand their business and productivity.

Workshop viewers will:

  1. learn about the most recent trends in the world of Additive Manufacturing,
  2. gain a good comprehension of the path from conceptual designs toward final productions based on Additive Manufacturing requirements, and
  3. obtain an understanding of AM-related technologies and instruments.

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The Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MAMCE) at UNB

At MAMCE, our goal is to increase manufacturing competitiveness in Atlantic Canada so our region can become a global competitor in advanced manufacturing. Together, we can help your business by:

  • Reducing the risk of a new technology
  • Creating value by providing support and expertise
  • Reducing costs through funding programs for prototyping and product/process development
  • Building a like-minded industry network

The MAMCE Advantage

The Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MAMCE) is a world leading research centre at UNB focused on bringing additive manufacturing knowledge, training and technology to Atlantic Canada. Since our launch in 2017, MAMCE has raised more than $10 million in research funding from government and industry. Our Centre is built on a philosophy of three pillars:

  • University research;
  • Workforce development; and
  • Commercialization.

We are accomplishing this through partnerships with industry at J.D. Irving, Limited and Custom Fabricators and Machinists for commercialization, and community colleges NBCC, CCNB, and NSCC for workforce development to train the next generation of engineers and technicians.

The GE Additive Advantage

The AddWorks™ team from GE Additive understands your challenges. They have helped organizations in a variety of industries launch additive solutions to the market. The GE Additive AddWorks™ team is comprised of design, materials, and manufacturing engineers that have experience in an additive production environment.

We are here for your future!