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About Sir Howard Douglas

Sir Howard Douglas (1776-1861) served as lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick from 1823 to 1831 where he was "dynamic, effective and popular" according to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. A Scot by birth, Sir Howard Douglas was a distinguished soldier, military strategist and author.

He persisted in meeting his objectives through every difficulty - Sir Howard Douglas could not be turned aside by opposition, for he succeeded through his energy and intelligence. His character inspired respect as well as confidence. He visited the hospitals where he found the sick without blankets and made arrangements for distribution on the spot. He raised the pride of the troops, believing that proper training would endue them with high qualities and he won their confidence. He was always ready to listen to others.

Sir Howard Douglas was optimistic. Accepting the Governorship of New Brunswick he visited the most remote portions of the colony, laying out roads, raising public buildings, founding agricultural societies, building lighthouses, establishing schools and founding the University of New Brunswick. He was deeply committed to service in the community.

UNB takes great pride in honouring students as Sir Howard Douglas Scholars.