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2022 Sir Howard Douglas Scholars

2022 Scholars

Alexandre Banks

Alexandre Banks is from Saint John, NB, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering specializing in Electrical Engineering, in Fredericton. Alexandre has collaborated with students, faculty, and the broader community to advocate for the undergraduate population, promoting research opportunities and developing conferences and competitions. As the president and past VP academic of the UNB Engineering Undergraduate Society, Alexandre advocates for the student population and works on initiatives to foster an equitable undergraduate experience. During his tenure, he introduced two sustainability positions, helped organize four environmental workshops and developed a green space within the engineering complex containing a tower garden, shelving with succulents, infographics, and a mural.

Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle is from Rothesay, NB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Fredericton. Michael has learned that one way to grow is to challenge yourself. He is a skilled fire service professional with Executive Chief Fire Officer designation and over 24 years of progressive experience in emergency medical services and the fire service. Michael currently sits on the Board of Directors for CNIB New Brunswick and volunteers with several Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs committees. By giving back to his community, Michael says that not only is he following the example set by his parents, but he is also trying to set an example for his own children.

Maegan Burtt

Maegan Burtt is from Burtts Corner, NB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an honours in Biology in Fredericton. Maegan is inspired to continue finding more ways to enrich herself and her community. Maegan volunteers with the Keswick Valley Recreation Council where she mentors young women to help them grow into future community leaders. She also serves as a peer mentor for the Science Student Leadership Program and a peer assisted learning leader in Biology. Through these positions, Maegan has had the opportunity to form relationships with many students and to contribute to their personal development and growth.

Maddie Carr

Maddie Carr is from Woodlands, NB, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies with a secondary major in Environmental Studies in Fredericton. Maddie is an engaged young woman with a passion for environmental conservation, leadership, and community development. Whether it be through her work as the manager of Market Greens, a food-security non-profit that provides access to fresh, affordable produce, or serving as a delegate with Daughters of the Vote, Maddie strives to empower others with every action. Not only is Maddie curious about the world around her, but she also enjoys interacting with and advocating for individuals from various walks of life.

Niko Coady

Niko Coady is from Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with major in Psychology, and working on a certificate in Family Violence Issues, in Fredericton. Niko has worked incredibly hard to make her community inclusive, warm and welcoming. Her empathy for others, determination and social skills allowed her to succeed through various positions across her campus, including vice-president communications of the UNB Student Union. Niko believes that the responsibility of communicating to and for students is not something to be taken lightly. Niko devotes much of her time to her work with the Board of Directors for Women in Transition and as a volunteer for the Murial McQueen Fergusson Centre. She feels incredibly honoured to be trusted by her peers to fight for their needs.

Vanessa Dairo-Singerr

Vanessa Dairo-Singerr is from Hanwell, NB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an honours in Medicinal Chemistry in Fredericton. Vanessa gains satisfaction from fostering a sense of community and inclusion. Vanessa has served as a peer mentor for the Science Student Leadership Program, volunteered for the Fredericton Community Kitchens and served as vice-president of UNB's Chemistry and Health Science Societies. Through these roles, Vanessa has learned about the importance of community and social connection with others. She believes that humans have only one goal: to leave society in a better state than we found it.

Marlowe Evans

Marlowe Evans is from Maple Ridge, BC and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with an honours in Political Science in Fredericton. Marlowe has lived her three and a half years at UNB, not for herself, but for a community that she came to and chose as her home. As a young queer student, she wanted not only her voice to be heard, but she also wanted to make space for others to share their stories and experiences as well. Since starting at the Brunswickan, Marlowe has served as reporter, staff representative for the Board of Directors, arts and culture editor and now editor-in-chief. As editor-in-chief, Marlowe serves the community, her peers, and her staff. She believes the work she is doing today will help to make the community a better place for our future.

Jun Guo

Jun Guo is from Fredericton, NB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an honours in Biology and Chemistry in Fredericton. Jun is a first-generation Canadian who has always wanted a way to give back to the many great organizations that helped him and his mother over the years. While his first year at UNB was a bit rocky, Jun was able to make the dean’s list and was nominated by his faculty for showing the most promise as a student in his degree program. Since 2017, he has been employed with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and he has volunteered with several organizations, including St, John Ambulance, Frontier College, Canadian Red Cross, and the Chinese Culture Association Youth Group.

Katie Herrington

Katie Herrington is from Saint John, NB, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science in Saint John. Katie has always been a strong student and a community leader in all aspects of her life. She has worked in supervisory roles for the Canadian Red Cross, is the current Editor-in-Chief of The Baron and a research assistant with the HOME-RL department, conducting phone surveys for important research concerning individuals across the province who are on the N.B. Housing waiting list. She has also participated in the Mawoluhkhotipon allyship training to increase her accountability and knowledge as a student leader and settler and is co-chair of her campus’ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Nihla Hussain

Nihla Hussain is from Saint John, NB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an honours in Biology and Chemistry in Fredericton. Nihla grew up with the understanding that a home was not defined by a specific building bounded by walls. Moving between Canada and the Middle East, Nihla built her desire for discovery and connecting with people from all walks of life. While at UNB, she has served as International Students Councillor to address various gaps within the community. She is also a founding team member of Shades of Change where she provides anti-racism training and is the co-chair of UNB’s new interdisciplinary health case competition.

Charlotte Knappe

Charlotte Knappe is from Quispamsis, NB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Human Resource Management in Saint John. Charlotte served as the VP social and finance for the UNBSJ Women in Business Society for the 2020-2021 academic year. She earned her TEFL Certification in February 2021 and did part of her teaching practicum working with the Saint John Newcomers Centre. She also volunteers with the UNB Promise Partnership Program, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and plays soccer. Through the Advisory Committee, Charlotte hopes to create opportunities for athletes from different teams to get to know each other and for the community to get to know the athletes.

Alexis Matchett

Alexis Matchett is from Miramichi, NB, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering specializing in Civil Engineering in Fredericton. Alexis has always known that she wanted to get involved. After serving as merchandise representative of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Student Chapter. Alexis had the opportunity to take over the society and completely rebuild it over the last six months. She is currently working with her department chair to make enrolment in civil engineering a priority. Alexis also served on UNB's Go Eng Girl planning committee as an activity leader for the grade 10 to 12 age group and is part of an LUG intramural softball team.

Sofia Mehlitz

Sofia Mehlitz is from Fredericton, NB, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology in Fredericton. Sofia is passionate about community programming, creating safer spaces and allowing individuals to explore and reach their true authentic selves. As a young, queer, trans individual, Sofia felt isolated and unable to connect with their peers. After becoming the coordinator of the 203 Centre on campus, Sofia was able to keep this safe space inspiring and welcoming for LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. They have also volunteered with Fierté Fredericton Pride over the past four years and volunteer on a weekly basis at Monarch Drop-in centre, a place that fills a much-needed gap in community spaces for queer and trans individuals.

Ashlee Morrell

Ashlee Morrell is from Saint John, NB, is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with an honours in Psychology in Saint John. Ashlee has always felt like the best version of herself when helping others. She has been an avid community volunteer for as long as she can remember. Currently, Ashlee is the vice-president of Kreating Conversations, a mental health peer support group on the Saint John campus. In addition to numerous volunteer activities with organizations, such as Promise Partnership and Let’s Talk Science, she is also the director of development for Ability New Brunswick, a provincial non-profit that offers direct services to residents living with a mobility disability.

Book Sadprasid

Book Sadprasid is from Bangkok, Thailand and is pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Fredericton. Book designed and developed a mindfulness app that her father could use as a coping mechanism for cancer in his final days. This experience helped Book realize that she wanted to build a career out of creating software that lessens someone’s pain and suffering. Driven by this, she joined the Human-Computer Interaction Lab to work on assistive technology and therapy games. Book also volunteers with Canada Learning Code, a non-profit organization that brings accessible computer science education to communities across Canada and many other initiatives, such as Cyber Girls, Go Code Girls, and Health Case Competition.

Emily Thomson

Emily Thomson is from Quispamsis, NB, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Psychology in Saint John. Emily has always found joy in giving back and being part of her community, whether it be through athletics, musical theatre, her church, or her dance school. This past year, she was awarded the Quispamsis Volunteer Award for her contributions to the town. Emily believes that volunteering from an early age has provided her with the opportunity to grow in her community and become the person who she is today. She remains dedicated to helping others and making a positive impact in any way she can.