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Centre for Adaptive Rehabilitation Engineering

The UNB Centre for Adaptive Rehabilitation Engineering (CARE) is a unique Canadian facility that provides state of the art equipment and facilities to research and provide clinical care for mobility rehabilitation. The centre comprises three labs:

  • Our Mobility Lab enables us to safely analyze mobility using motion-capture while subjects walk around a track, up and down stairs, using functional-electrical-stimulation bikes, wearing exoskeletons, and more! A Zero-G dynamic harness enables weight reduction for subjects with mobility-impairments.
  • Our Virtual Reality Lab has a CAREN virtual reality platform. This platform enables us to create immersive environments in which the platform moves, spins and tilts. Motion-tracking and force-plates enable responsive reactions from the environment, and a split-belt treadmill lets subjects walk through the virtual environment. We can improve rehabilitation, assess stability, and research how the human brain works in new environments.
  • Our Activity of Daily Living Lab lets us assess how rehabilitation is helping in everyday environments. Adjustable appliances let us assess how helpful environmental changes can be. Stepscan pressure tiles let us measure people’s sway and posture. Pupil-dilation, eye-tracking, and EEG measurements let us assess cognitive load.

Designed with our clinical partners at SCCR for rehabilitation research and clinical service, this facility also offers unparalleled opportunities to research basic human movement, cognition, interactive gaming, and more!

Our team is always open to exploring new collaborations. Please contact Luke Dillman to start the conversation.

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