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The Gregg Centre

Libraries and archives

The Gregg Centre library and archive offers students and researchers access to a unique range of resources. The library contains some 3,500 volumes in military history and strategic studies, with particularly rich collections on insurgency, counter-insurgency, terrorism and intelligence. Books and public documents on Canadian military history and contemporary defence issues are also featured prominently.

The Centre archive, consists of hundreds of documents, journal and magazine articles, press releases, transcripts, and newspaper cuttings on a wide range of countries and military and strategic studies topics. Special document collections on Canadian naval operations in World War II, Veterans' experiences during the Second World War, German operations on the Eastern Front, war crimes, the Holocaust, post-war Palestine and post-war US-German relations are available to researchers. The archive holds some sixty non-current periodicals in military and international affairs.

The library and archive are non-circulating but copying services are available. The facilities are open to students and bona fide researchers during regular working hours.

In addition to the specialized sources at the Centre, students and researchers have access to the vast resources of UNB's Harriet Irving Library. Built up since the late 1960s, the collection of sources in military history and strategic studies is extraordinarily rich and diverse and ranks second to none in Canadian universities. In addition to many thousands of the books in the field, notable items include 300 volumes of Commonwealth and American official histories, some 200 journals in print, microfilm and online formats, and more than 100 document collections, spanning from the 18th through 20th centuries. Most prominent among the latter is the Loyalist Collection, whose 3,400 microfilm reels and 700 microfiche on colonial North America are considered the finest such resource in the world.

The resources of the Gregg Centre and the main university library make UNB a national center for teaching, research and scholarship on historical and contemporary military and international affairs.

Special collections

In additon to the Library and Archives, the Gregg Centre also holds a number of special collections, ranging from primary documents and archival finding aids, to War Diaries and Campaign Maps from the Second World War.