Select a Survey Day

The new online SOS allows the instructors to customize the SOS day for their course(s). Instructors can select a survey day (1 day, 12:00MN to 23:59PM) within the three-week default survey period.

For the regular Fall and Winter terms, the period for the Survey Day Selection coincides with the Question Personalization period which opens 2 weeks before the SOS period begins. The specific dates can be found under the Survey Period and Important Dates page. For the Summer term, the timing and duration of the Survey Day Selection period varies, depending on the duration of the course.

How to Select a Survey Day?

1. You will receive a software generated Survey Day Customization invitation email to customize your SOS Day. Click on the link in the invitation email. The list of your surveyable courses will be loaded.

2. Click on the course for which you would like the SOS day customized. This will open the date selection page for the course.

3. Click on the calendar icon to select the start date and end date. You must only select one (1) day for the SOS. The time of the start date must be set to 00:00 while the time of the end date must be set to 23:59.

4. Click the Apply Changes button.

5. Click the Finalize button.