Encourage Student Participation

Student participation is key to an effective SOS completion and in receiving feedback. The biggest motivator for students to complete the surveys and provide meaningful feedback is the evidence that instructors value and use the survey results.

Talking to your students about the SOS creates an open dialogue about the important role the surveys play in the improvement of instructors’ overall teaching effectiveness and students’ learning experiences.

There are simple strategies that you can use as an instructor to educate students about the importance of completing the SOS and demonstrate your involvement in the SOS process.

Remember that informed students are engaged and more likely to participate in the survey!

How can I encourage student participation?
  1. Discuss the adjustments and changes you made to the course based on the feedback from previous SOS results. This let students know that their feedback is taken seriously.
  2. In class, discuss the Guidelines on How to Provide Constructive Feedback with your students. This document outlines the ways on how students can express constructive criticisms in a respectful manner when writing their comments. Presenting this document helps you set a positive tone around the SOS.
  3. Incorporate survey period dates in your course syllabus.
  4. Include information about the survey period dates in your classroom discussion close to and during the survey period (i.e. in the beginning of the lecture, in D2L, in PowerPoint lecture slides, etc.).
  5. Remind students in class that the survey window is open.
  6. Provide in class time for students to complete the survey using their own devices. Ask students to bring their laptops, smartphones, or tablets to class. For students without a device, you can direct them to a computer lab where they can complete the survey. You should leave the room during the survey process.
  7. For smaller classes, you can book a computer lab during the survey period where students can complete the survey. You should leave the room during the survey process.
  8. Send email reminders to your students.
  9. Option to involve the class in choosing the instructor-chosen questions.