Personalize Instructor-Chosen Questions

The new framework of the Student Opinion Survey (SOS) allows instructors to add 6 questions to their survey questionnaire. This provides opportunities for instructors to get feedback to better understand the specific impact of their teaching approaches and help them adjust their course delivery.

The Instructor-chosen questions are selected from a 27-category question bank, during the Instructor Question Personalization (QP) period. The Instructor Question Personalization period occurs prior to the opening of the survey period.

For the regular Fall and Winter terms, instructors can start to personalize their survey questionnaire 2 weeks before the SOS period opens. The specific dates can be found under the Survey Period and Important Dates page. For the Summer term, the timing and duration of the Instructor Question Personalization period varies, depending on the duration of the course.

How to add instructor-chosen questions?

1. You will receive a software generated Instructor Question Personalization invitation email to personalize your questionnaire. Click on the link in the invitation email. The list of your surveyable courses will be loaded.

2. Click on the course for which you would like the survey questionnaire personalized. This will load the Instructor Question Bank.

3. Click on the Select button right beside the question that you would like to be added to your questionnaire. You will need to select six (6) instructor-chosen questions.

a. The first six (6) questions listed are the default instructor-chosen questions. Should you opt not to select any questions for your course, these questions will be applied to your questionnaire.

b. DO NOT SELECT any Section Titles (These are the categories of the questions in the bank).

4. Click on the Submit button.

5. If you are not ready to submit your question selections yet, you can save your work by clicking on the Save button.

6. If you would like to preview the questionnaire for your course, click on the Preview Questionnaire button.

7. DO NOT FORGET to submit your questions. To submit your questions, click on the Submit button.