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Academic administration

The Academic Administration Officer provides decision-making, analytical and organizational support in the development of planning and policy, analysis, compilation of reports and monitoring of the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton Campus’ faculty and support staff complements as well as all aspects of the Association of University New Brunswick Teachers (“AUNBT”) Collective Agreement.

Specific roles and responsibilities

  • Ensure that policies and procedures are current and make recommendations to the VPA regarding new policy and procedure, with regard to UNB-F Faculty and support employment.

  • Assist faculties and service departments to ensure that university human resource policies and procedures are followed in recruitment/searches, hires (appointments/contracts), assessments, leaves, grievances, arbitrations and disciplinary cases.

  • Assist faculties and service departments to comply, and monitor their compliance with, the Collective Agreement with regard to academic searches, hires (appointments/contracts), assessments, leaves, grievances, arbitrations and disciplinary cases.

  • Track and monitor employment-related activity. For example, assess and evaluate all proposed contracts for compliance to UNB-F policy, procedures, the Collective Agreement, and any applicable decisions of the VPA.

  • Liaise with faculties and service departments proposing actions that impact faculty and/or support staff complements in order to assess impacts and make recommendations to the VPA.

  • Analyze precedents and interpretations of relevant Collective Agreement sections or policies when confronted with a personnel issue in order to provide recommendation to VPA and faculty/service department.

  • In consultation with Human Resources and Financial Services’ payroll departments, evaluate and provide relevant training to professional staff in Faculties or service departments to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness of work performed related to Academic Administration.

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