General Library Policies  

The policies set out below and under other tabs in the Services & Policies section of our website are understood to be the official policies of the Law Library.

General Rules 

  • Silence in the open areas of the Law Library should be sufficient to ensure effective studying.
  • No food may be kept or consumed in the Law Library. Only beverage containers with lids or covers are allowed in the library.
  • Absolutely no food or beverages are permitted in the Gérard V. La Forest Rare Books Reading Room.
  • A borrower who has overdue materials from any UNB library will lose borrowing privileges at all UNB libraries, including Law, until such items are returned.
  • Library staff and others in the Law School have acute sensitivities to perfume and other scented personal products. Please refrain from wearing such products in the Law Library, as well as elsewhere in the Law School. 
  • Cell phone use is not permitted anywhere in the Law Library. Please turn off cell phone ringers and please do not make outgoing calls from within the library.
  • Law Library telephones are for staff use only.
  • The elevators are for the sole use of Law Library staff and users who are unable to use the stairs.
  • Only Law Library staff are routinely permitted behind the Circulation Desk. Others may be invited into the reserve/staff area by library staff.
  • Law Library carrels and conference rooms assigned to individual law students or competitive moot teams are work spaces and must be maintained in an orderly manner.
  • Books, papers and personal effects must be removed from unassigned carrels and tables at closing time.  Library material left behind will be re-shelved and personal items removed.
  • The Law Library is not responsible for the loss of items left unattended in the library.
  • Donations of used law publications such as books or reports in good condition are accepted. However, before bringing anything to the library, donors should email the Head Law Librarian to discuss the suitability of such gifts for our collection and our retention policies regarding gifts.

Head Law Librarian’s Office 

All users are welcome to contact the Head Law Librarian to discuss difficulties or problems at any time. The Head Law Librarian's office is located in the administration area behind the Circulation Desk. Please ask any staff member for directions.

Law Library Committee

This committee is composed of three law faculty members, a student representative from each of the three years of law school classes, and the Head Law Librarian. Its mandates are to consider effective policies and practices for the operation of the Law Library and to advise the Head Law Librarian. Law students are encouraged to bring any difficulties to the attention of any member of the Law Library Committee.