IT Services (Computing and Support)  

Computer Lab 

The Law Library’s computer lab is equipped with ten computer workstations, two printers, and a scanning workstation.

  • Use of the computer workstations and printers is restricted to law students only.

  • Please report any problems with lab equipment to the staff at the Circulation Desk.

  • No food is permitted in the computer lab. Only beverages in covered containers are permitted in the computer lab.

  • All General Library Policies apply equally in the lab.  Failure to abide by these policies may result in lab access being withheld.

Public Computers

There are public computers located in the Law Library that anyone may use. Printing to an attached printer is available only on the reference desk computer and the computer just inside the library entrance.

There is a time-limit of 30 minutes for general computer usage of public computers. If using the specialized equipment attached to the computer, such as the scanner or the microform equipment, the time-limit will be extended.

As there is only one computer with an attached scanner and only one computer with attached microform equipment, a person who needs to use this specialized equipment will be given preference; those who are using the computers but not the equipment will be asked to move.

Loaner Laptops

The Law Library has several laptops available to lend to UNB students for use in the library. They may be borrowed at the Circulation Desk for a period of six hours upon presentation of a validated UNB student ID card. They may be renewed for an additional six hours as needed.

  • Law Library laptops are not battery operated; They must be used with the accompanying power cord.  Electrical outlets are located at all study carrels, and conveniently throughout the library.

Personally-owned Laptops and Mobile Devices

Wireless access is available in almost all areas of the Law Library, and personally-owned laptops and mobile devices can be configured to operate on UNB’s wireless network.  Instructions are available on UNB’s ITS website.

A/V Equipment

The Law Library has equipment for viewing DVDs and videotapes. Law Library-owned DVDs and videotapes are cataloged and shelved in the Reserve area. To use this equipment, ask for the equipment at the circulation desk. Once the equipment is received, a student can take the equipment to a conference room for use. Viewers are expected to have some knowledge of how to use the viewing equipment since there may be insufficient staff available to provide assistance. Regular booking policies apply to the use of a conference room to veiw material.

IT Support Services 

IT information sessions are held each September as part of the Orientation program for new law students.  At that time information and assistance are provided on activating UNB accounts, setting up email, and configuring personal computing equipment. 

Throughout the academic year, law students may consult the Law Library's Computer Support Student Assistant in the IT Support Office behind the Computer Lab to get help with personal laptop / networking issues. The Computer Support Student Assistant’s schedule is posted on the office door.  If the Computer Support Student Assistant is not available, please go to the ITS Service Desk at the Harriet Irving Library.  Problems with Law Library equipment reported to the Circulation Desk will be forwarded promptly to IT support staff.