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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the summer term schedule for 2021?

The UNB Fredericton 2021 Summer Term Session Dates (excluding exam dates) are as follows:

  • Full Summer Term: May 5 - August 9
  • Session A: May 5 - June 22
  • Session B: May 5 - 27
  • Session C: June 1 - 22
  • Session D: June 30 - August 9
  • Session E: June 30 - July 19
  • Session F: July 21 - August 9

2. What courses are offered during summer term?

Browse the 2021 Summer Term Schedule for a full listing of UNB’s summer term offerings or refer to the UNB Course Timetable to view courses by subject.

3. In what format are summer term courses delivered?

Summer term courses will be offered online using one of these course delivery methods:

  • Open Entry - This online course format consists of self-directed (asynchronous) learning. You will work through the course individually, at your own pace, with interaction directly between you and the instructor as necessary. You may register at any time and can take up to six months to complete a 3-credit hour course.

  • Term Based - This online course format provides interactive content, weekly readings and assignments, virtual live sessions, and possibly interactive group work with other students. Various forms of assessment are used, so please contact the instructor for further information. Teams or Zoom may be used to supplement the delivery of online term-based courses. However, courses are still housed within the D2L Brightspace platform. Registration for term-based summer courses opens March 1. Courses must be completed within the term.

  • Alternative Delivery - This online course format is for courses that were intended to be delivered on campus, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be held in-person at this time. Course delivery is through a live (synchronous) communication tool, such as Teams or Zoom (similar to an in-person lecture), with interactive activities limited to question-and-answer periods. Sessions may be recorded for those who miss the original lecture. Instructors may choose to use the D2L Brightspace platform to post the course syllabus, instructions for assignments, etc.

4. When will the summer course schedule be available?

Summer course listings are visible on the UNB Course Timetable beginning January 1. Check the timetable regularly as new course offerings continue to be added.

5. How do I access the course schedule? Do you have a specific course I am looking for?

To access the summer term course schedule, view the online UNB Course Timetable. If a course you are looking for is not listed, please contact your faculty/department to determine which future term it will be offered.

6. I have a question regarding a course’s syllabus, exams, homework, etc. What should I do?

Please direct any of these inquiries to the instructor listed on the timetable.

7. Are online courses completely online?

UNB currently offers the following course delivery methods:

  • Open Entry consists of online self-directed (asynchronous) learning designed for you to work through individually, at your own pace.
  • Term Based includes virtual live sessions, interactive content, and weekly readings and assignments.
  • Alternative Delivery was created in response to COVID-19 and is for courses that were originally in-person. Alternative Delivery courses consist of live (synchronous) sessions using Teams or Zoom with interactive activities limited to question-and-answer periods.

8. I am a visiting student and would like to know if you offer the equivalent of a course I need to take at my home institution. How do I figure this out?

You may contact the appropriate UNB faculty/department to determine if an equivalent of the course you are looking for is offered in summer term. If a course is available, you should also confirm with your academic advisor at your home institution to determine if the UNB course will be credited towards your program.

9. What is the credit limit for summer term?

Please contact your faculty/department or academic advisor to determine the credit limit for summer term.

10. When can I register for summer term courses?

Summer term course registration opens on March 1, 2021.

11. How do I register for summer term courses?

You can register online starting March 1, 2021. Registrations for Alternate Delivery and Term Based online courses occur through Colleague Self-Service Online Registration using your UNB login credentials. Courses identified on the UNB Course Timetable as Open Access Learning (also known as Open Entry) have a different registration process - please register for all Open Entry courses at

12. When is the deadline to enrol in summer term?

You must be enrolled by the first class. Summer term start dates are as follows:

  • Full Summer Term - May 5
  • Session A - May 5
  • Session B - May 5
  • Session C - June 1
  • Session D - June 30
  • Session E - June 30
  • Session F - July 21

Consult the UNB Course Timetable to view specific course start dates.

13. Why can’t I register?

You may have a credit hour limit preventing you from registering. Please contact your academic advisor first for confirmation. Otherwise, you may contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

14.  How much does it cost to take a summer term course?

Tuition and related fees are set by Financial Services. Please review their website carefully for information about how to pay, dates to remember, Frequently Asked Questions, and more. All courses taken during the summer term are charged per course (using part-time rates), unless otherwise indicated. For more information, please refer to UNB Fredericton's undergraduate tuition & fees or contact Financial Services (

15. Do online courses cost more or less than in person courses?

A $100 technology fee is applied to Term Based and Open Entry online courses. This fee DOES NOT apply to Alternate Delivery Method (AD) courses. To determine the delivery method of each course, refer to the UNB Course Timetable. For a list of the different types of fees that appear in UNB’s tuition and fee schedules, please refer to these fee descriptions.

16. When is tuition for summer term due? How do I pay it?

Tuition fees are due by the first day of classes. Please refer to the full list of Summer Term 2021 deadline dates. A complete list of acceptable payment options is available on the Financial Services website.

17. Is financial aid available for summer term?

Please contact UNB’s Financial Aid Office for more information about financial aid for summer term.

18. Are scholarships available for summer term?

Please contact UNB’s Award Office for scholarship information.

19. Are “College of Extended Learning courses” equivalent to UNB courses?

Yes. Summer term credit courses offered through the College of Extended Learning (CEL) are UNB courses. These courses are taught by UNB faculty/instructors, but are administered by CEL for the summer term.

20. Who should I speak to about courses and if they would count towards my program?

Please consult your faculty/department academic advisor to ensure a course will be counted towards your program.

21. I have other questions about summer term, who should I contact?

Please email for more information.

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