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Other Programs at UNB CEL

New Brunswick Critical Care Nursing Program (NBCCNP)

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Registered Nurses currently employed by NB Regional Health Authorities and novice to the critical care setting may apply.

This 11-week, professional development certificate program is delivered primarily online with on-site clinical tutorials and a 135-hour clinical preceptorship in critical care.


Seven courses including the practicum cover the Management of the Critically Ill Client and their Family:

  • CCCN 1001 - Foundations
  • CCCN 1002 - Cardiovascular Alterations
  • CCCN 1003 - Pulmonary Alterations
  • CCCN 1004 - Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Hematological/Immunological and Renal Alterations
  • CCCN 1005 - Neurological Alterations
  • CCCN 1006 - Multisystems Alterations
  • CCCN 1007 - Integrated Clinical Practicum (Preceptorship)

Offered four times a year

506-453-4694, option 5

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LPN-BN Nursing Pathway

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Advance your nursing career

The LPN-BN Nursing Pathway provides the education needed for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in New Brunswick to apply to UNB's Bachelor of Nursing (BN) Fredericton program. The LPN-BN Nursing Pathway builds on current knowledge and nursing practices and prepares students for entry into the third year of the four-year BN Fredericton program.

Shannon Waite
506 447-3449

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Forensic Nursing Certificate (FNC)

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The Forensic Nursing Certificate (FNC) is a self-paced, online professional development program designed to provide Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) with knowledge of forensic nursing in secure environments. The program is delivered online and links the theory, policy, and practice elements of forensic nursing in secure environments.


This certificate includes five online courses, each consisting of six modules that total approximately 30 contact hours. Students have three to six months to complete each course.

  • CFNC 5001: Introduction to Forensic Nursing
  • CFNC 5002: Contexts of Care within Forensic Health Care Environments
  • CFNC 5003: Therapeutic Relationships in Forensic Health Care Environments
  • CFNC 5004: Social Justice in Forensic Health Care Environments
  • CFNC 5005: Clinical Practice in Secure Environments

You can register for the full certificate or individual courses, and while we do encourage taking the courses in chronological order, you are not required to do so. You may take the courses in the order that works best for your study plan.

A non-credit Certificate of Proficiency will be granted upon successful completion of all five courses in the program.


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Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI)

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The Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI), founded in 2001 and hosted at the University of New Brunswick, is a network of 23 scientists at 15 institutions across Canada and internationally. CRI scientists and their networks of research associates, graduate students, and staff provide support for governments, businesses and communities in making smart, evidence-based decisions through high-impact research. Join the thousands of aquatic science professionals who have strengthened their qualifications through online and field certifications and professional development opportunities with the CRI.

Current courses


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