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Credit studies

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Summer 2024

UNB's College of Extended Learning allows you to study full-time, part-time, or by taking one course at a time while working towards a degree or certificate.

Featured credit courses

We've put together a collection of upcoming credit courses and programs we think you'll love!

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This course explores new concepts for working with adult learners. It investigates critical thinking, critical self-reflection and transformative learning. NOTE: Credit can be obtained for only one of ED 5022 and ADED 5022.

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This course is a study of the legends surrounding the foundation and growth of early Rome and of the Italian gods. Roman religion is studied under such headings as prayer, sacrifice, divination, the religious year and calendar, priests and emperor worship. NOTE: Not open to students who received credit for CLAS 4023.

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This course is a survey of Canadian non-fiction prose, poetry, fiction, drama, and/or film from early narratives of encounter to 1900, examining key cultural and historical moments in the development of Canada as a nation.

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This course examines the social and cultural roles of men and women in Europe's early-modern period (circa 1450-1800). Learn how this time of political turmoil, religious conflict, and military violence caused people to ask new questions and develop new social norms, and consider how gender influenced topics such as sexual lives and practices, medicalized bodies, labour and work, criminality and the law, faith and religion, and family dynamics.

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This course examines the relationship of humans in their environment from the end of the last glacial period to the late 20th century. Topics include the impact of climate on the development of Canadian society, the evolution of human-animal relationships, changing ideas about nature, and political discourse on and regulatory solutions to pollution and other forms of environmental degradation.

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This course explores strategies for creative visual expression across media, working within the constraints of the design paradigm. Topics will include formal design theory, colour theory, basic typography, image construction, and an introduction to visual communications using lectures, assignments, readings, in-class seminars, group discussion and critique. Open to students who have completed 45 credit hours, or with permission of the instructor.

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This course focuses on understanding and applying the principles of good reasoning by providing tools for recognizing, analyzing, evaluating, and responding to arguments. It also explores general conditions of a sound argument, logical fallacies, and irrational methods of persuasion. 

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Undergraduate courses

Business Administration

Chemical Engineering



Electrical & Computer Engineering


Adult Education

Business Administration

Computer Science

Electrical & Computer Engineering






Mechanical Engineering

Media Arts & Cultures

Renaissance College Leadership Program






Adult Education

Business Administration

Computer Science



Media Arts & Cultures



Renaissance College Leadership Program

Graduate courses

Computer Science


Master of Business Administration

Specialized programs

Undergraduate degree certificates and diplomas allow you to specialize in a specific area. You can apply your certificate to a degree program, add a specialty to your current studies, or build professional skills to advance your career.

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The Faculty of Education offers degree credit courses leading to a Certificate in Adult Education (CAE). The CAE is designed to provide you with a stand-alone certificate or the first step towards a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education degree.

The program is open to learners who have at least one year (or equivalent) of full-time paid or volunteer experience in educating and training adults.

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The Certificate in Leadership Studies is designed to advance your leadership skills within any community context–from not-for-profit agencies to business and government. You will acquire the skills for developing positive relationships between individuals, groups, and communities to initiate, influence, and achieve change.

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The LPN-BN Nursing Pathway provides the education needed for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in New Brunswick to apply to UNB's 4-year Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program in Fredericton. The LPN-BN Nursing Pathway builds on current knowledge and nursing practices and prepares students for entry into the third year of the four-year BN program in Fredericton.

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Our Bachelor of Education in Adult Education program can be completed on campus in Fredericton, New Brunswick, or through distance education anywhere in Canada. This program is designed for mature learners who have at least one year (or equivalent) of experience working with adults in educational, training, counseling, or similar roles.

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Our undergraduate certificate programs are designed for people who are interested in a career in administration or management and would like to expand their knowledge in the related subject areas.

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Open entry online credit courses

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Start anytime & take up to six months to complete most courses

Open Entry online credit courses are open to UNB/STU undergraduate and graduate students, mature students, program applicants, students studying at other post-secondary institutions, and non-degree students. Learn more about how to apply.

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS)

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Complete your undergraduate degree & open doors to new opportunities

Is completing your degree something you have always wanted to do? Are you worried about disrupting your personal life or putting your career on hold?

If you've been out of high school for at least seven years, and have some post-secondary education, you may be eligible to apply.

506 447-3449

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Get help on your academic journey

We are equipped to help adult learners earn a degree or a certificate, either through part-time or full-time studies, one course at a time. Our academic advisors can show you the most direct route to your learning goals, providing support services along the way.

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The online University Prep program is available to adult learners or interested graduates of high school, adult high school, or GED who need resources, course upgrading, advising, and learner support for entry into UNB degree programs.

Courses run in May, September, and January of each year

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You may be closer to your goal than you realize

We have a progressive Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policy where a student's learning can be evaluated and may be credited toward a specific UNB program of study. Find out how a PLA assessment can put you ahead in your program.

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