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Workplace Investigation Training

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Most Canadian jurisdictions have now enacted legislation that requires employers to implement anti-harassment and anti-violence policies. Employers must also initiate investigations into allegations of workplace harassment and violence. While some complex investigations may require third-party investigators, many complaints can be investigated internally. However, Canadian courts have made it clear that internal processes must meet a reasonable standard of a fair and thorough investigation.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that staff investigators have both skills and training in the investigation field. In response to concerns expressed by Human Resources professionals, Infopowered Solutions Inc. has constructed an engaging, hands-on training program for internal investigators.

This 2-day seminar does more than simply review standard investigation procedures and case studies; it examines the legal pitfalls of workplace investigations and deconstructs investigation processes and techniques from both the legal and behavioural sciences perspectives to equip participants with useable investigation skills and tactics.


Winter 2024

Dates: March 25-26, 2024
Instructor: Dr. Kelly VanBuskirk & Dr. William A. Howatt
Price: $795

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Dr. Kelly VanBuskirk is a Partner at Lawson Creamer in Saint John. He teaches labour relations, human resource management, and upper-level courses in particular areas of business law at the undergraduate and MBA levels. He also teaches Trial Practice at UNB's Faculty of Law and Labour & Employment Law in the Law Society of New Brunswick's Bar Admission Course.

Dr. VanBuskirk holds a Bachelor of Arts ’89 (UPEI), Bachelor of Law ’92 (UNB), Master of Laws ’03, Employment Law (University of Huddersfield), Ph.D., Employment Law ’14 (Nottingham Trent University), and is a Chartered Arbitrator ’14 (ADR Canada).

CEO & Founder of Howatt HR
Ph.D, Ed.D., Post Doc UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour

Dr. Bill Howatt is the founder of Howatt Human Resources Consulting and an international expert in Workplace Psychological Health and Safety.

He is a highly sought-after speaker on leadership, mental fitness, and creating inclusive, psychologically healthy and safe workplaces. A behavioural scientist, he is passionate about supporting employees and leaders to create thriving workplaces.

Dr. Bill’s 30-plus years of professional experience includes providing services in clinical mental health, teaching courses for colleges and universities, being a committee chair, and filling various senior leadership roles in Canada and the United States, including the Wall Street financial district. His firm provides HR consulting globally, focusing on employees’ psychological safety.

Dr. Bill has published over 60 books and 600 articles and regularly contributes to workplace mental health research like WSPS Moving to Action: Implementing Workplace Safety and Prevention Services’ Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap and Boston Consulting Group’s recent study, The Next Frontier of Workplace Culture, viewed by over 30 million readers.

He is the founder of and creator of the University New Brunswick’s Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership. He publishes a weekly workplace mental health newsletter for leaders and workers called Exploring Workplace Mental Health.


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