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Into the Blue

Into the Blue: Remembering Brigid Toole Grant as a tribute to the beloved artist, activist and humanitarian who passed away last year.

Exhibition opens: Friday, May 3 and runs until Friday, Aug. 30.

Into the Blue: Remembering Brigid Toole Grant is a labour of love by her daughter Hannah Grant, who along with curator Roslyn Rosenfeld, assembled a collection of acrylics, watercolours, prints, and drawings from friends, family, and the UNB Permanent Collection. It tells the story of a talented and insightful artist, who found inspiration in the people and the land she called home.

“This exhibition is like a period which marks the end of the final chapter of a really good book,” says Marie Maltais, Director of the UNB Art Centre. “It holds within it the tale of a life spun over many chapters - rich in detail, character development and action.”

It is fitting that Brigid Toole Grant is being honoured in this retrospective at UNB. She grew up on the UNB campus and spent her early years living in what is now known as Sir Howard Douglas Hall. She attended art classes with renowned Canadian artists Fritz Brandtner, Alfred Pinsky and Lucy Jarvis, one of the founders of the UNB Art Centre. She later worked as an assistant to the UNB Art Centre Director Marjory Donaldson, taught art classes for UNB’s Department of Extension and then for the UNB Art Centre’s Leisure Learning programs. Many of her works are on display throughout campus as part of the UNB Permanent Collection where they continue to enrich the lives of faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Memorial Hall | 9 Bailey Drive | UNB Fredericton campus
For more information, call 506-453-4623.

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Free admission | Everyone welcome

Details of work: Looking Forward, c.2010 | Acrylic on canvas
Photo: Roger Smith

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Avian cyborgs: The art of Terry Graff

The UNB Art Centre is the final stop for this touring exhibit which catalogues over 50 years of work by Terry Graff. Graff is a perpetual student, not only of history but of current affairs and interprets his ideas and observations through the juxtaposition of manufactured materials and the persistent image of one of the planet’s most ancient species, the bird.

Over these many years he has incorporated a vast range of media, not only the usual artists’ tools like paint, brushes and pencils, but all the detritus of the everyday world, discarded then found, re-envisioned and reassembled.


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