The Department of Engineering at UNB Saint John offers the first two years of study in most of UNB's Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees. Once students have completed their time in Saint John, they transfer to the Fredericton campus to complete their degree requirements.

Because of the range of Engineering programs offered on the Saint John campus, the faculty members within the Department represent a cross-section of the various Engineering disciplines.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Engineering are housed in KC Irving Hall with labs in both William F. Ganong Hall and Annex C. In addition to these teaching and research facilities, the Department also has a machine shop located in Annex C where students work on projects and learn manufacturing skills.

The department's technician also uses the machine shop to maintain lab equipment, prepare specimens for laboratories and support the department’s research activities.

Course Registration and Advising

New or First Year BSE students  - visit the Current Student area of the SASE website and read the SASE First Year Guidebook for information on registering first year courses. Amy Witkowski provides academic advising for all new and first year students.  

Upper Year BSE Students - Degree checklists outlining the four year course progression are available for each BSE major.  Checklists are an information tool only and should not replace an official advising session. One-on-one academic advising is available from an instructor/professor from your major area.

Transfer Credits or Students Beginning Mid-year

Entering the BSE program outside of the traditional fall year-one starting point can be complicated due to the limited availability and numerous prerequisites of engineering courses and labs.  While some arrangements can be made for students with non-traditional BSE starting points, it is extremely important that students receive advising by the undergraduate academic advisor or a faculty member prior to registering courses. Poor course selection in these situations can cause serious complications with a student progress through their BSE degree.

If you have questions about courses, programs, or the admission process, please contact Academic Advising.